Terms of Service


YTPanel the largest online marketing reseller panel needs your awareness about the following terms and conditions before you using our panel


  • Admin can remove /suspend any user that violate our terms.
  • Ytpanel admins have the authority to cancel any order that violates our guidelines.
  • Users are allowed to use one account on YTPanel.
  • Do not share your account with your friends/family members.
  • You need to add funds before you order.
  • Minimum upload amount is 10$.
  • You accept not to place disputes or fraudulent chargebacks against YTPanel.
  • We provide guarantee only for the followers that we deliver. we do not give a guarantee for the followers /likes/views existed in the account before you order.
  • You should open a support ticket to contact us. We normally respond within 24 hours.



Important Information

        Please do not use more than one services at the same time for the same page (on this panel or other panels) and if you want to use more with the same link, please wait for the first order to be in the staus [Complete], [Cancel] or [Partial] before placing the next (Or another way: do not enter the same order twice before the first one gets [Completed], [Cancel] or [Partial], no cancellation will be made and both orders will be marked [Complete] ) . We can't give you correct followers/likes/views... number in that case. We will not refund for these orders. 

Please keep attention!

       In the case your Order has dropped, please wait for us to refill or cancel or Partial before order a new one. We will not cancel in this case. Please keep attention! 

        The system will look at start count when you put order and mark completed after enough quantity. So, don't ask us to cancel or anything with reason: views/likes/subs... come from my real user, my fans... 

        After sending orders, if you delete your page/account or change it to private or change username or the account is closed, We will not refund for this cases. 

Please keep attention!

       If you use cheap services in the category [No refill, No refund] before and after completed you come to use the service [Non Drop] or [LiveTime Warranty], or [30 Days Refill] then we can't refill. 

       We will accept cancel the order if the system is an error. Some order [Pending] if we have the option to cancel, then we will cancel if you ask.


Refund Policy


No Paypal refunds available, we refund only to your YTPanel account balance.
You should use your balance to make orders.
No refunds on any order marked as completed


Privacy Policy

we use your data only for order processing. we do not give your privacy details to third parties.